Budget Payment Program

The Budget Payment Plan is a monthly payment plan that spreads your natural gas costs more evenly throughout the year.  You may request a Budget Payment Plan by filling in the form below.  Please note that your account must be paid in full at the time of enrollment.  If you participated in the Budget Payment Plan last year and your account is paid in full by the due date on your August bill you will remain on the plan unless you notify us that you wish to cancel this service.   Required changes in the monthly budget amount will be reflected on your September bill.

The Maine Natural Gas Budget Payment Plan features:

  • Predictable, manageable monthly payments
  • No late charges on accounts with balances  (assuming budget payment made on time)
  • Your initial amount is based on your average monthly bill from the previous twelve months.  If your account has been open for less than twelve months, the budget amount will be estimated.
  • In December and April, your Budget Payment Plan will be reviewed and may be adjusted to reflect changes in gas costs or your actual usage for the four month period.  You will be notified on your bill if the budget amount will be changed.
  • Your August bill will reflect the difference between your actual monthly bills and your Budget Payment Plan payments for the year.  This difference may be a credit or an outstanding balance.  A credit will be applied to your next Budget Payment Plan cycle.  When the outstanding balance is paid, the Budget Payment Plan cycle begins again.
  • Once enrolled, your account will remain on the Budget Payment Plan until you notify us that you wish to cancel this service.  If you miss two payments you will be removed from the Budget Payment Plan.  Once removed, the total outstanding balance becomes due and payable within 30 days and interest begins accruing as applicable.

For further information, please call a customer service representative at 877.867.1642

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