Non Dig-Safe Participating Utilities

Non Dig-Safe Participating Utilities

In Maine, anyone using power tools to penetrate the ground (including homeowners) is required by law to notify DIGSAFE at 811 or 888.DIGSAFE at least 3 business days prior to digging. DIGSAFE will then notify the owners of underground facilities that are members of that system. However, not all owners of underground facilities are required to be members of the DIGSAFE system. Notify non-member facility owners as Non-member companies are not notified by DIGSAFE. 

Click here to get a list of existing Dig Safe members, by state.


To get information about utility members that are not a part of the DIGSAFE system you will need to do review the following to determine your next steps. Go to the Okay-To-Dig website and look for your area by Town or Zip Code to get the who to contact for your area before you dig.


DIGSAFE and OK-TO-DIG sometimes are not enough to locate private utilities owned by yourself or others. In those occasions it is wise to be DIGSMART and contact a private company to help you locate those utilities.

Companies like DIGSMART of Maine specialize in the location of utilities. So, if your unsure about what might be there give them a call. 

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