Check-free. Stamp-free. Worry-free.

AutoPay is the easy way to pay your monthly natural gas bill. Now you can have your payment automatically withdrawn from your bank account. You’ll never have to worry about late payments again and you’ll save yourself time and hassles.

It’s simple.  You receive the bill – we process the payment electronically.

It’s convenient. Once you’re signed up, your bills are paid automatically. No more hassles.

It’s free. There is no charge for this service. In fact, it will probably save you time and money!

Who is eligible?

Any active Maine Natural Gas residential or commercial customer is eligible for AutoPay.

How does billing work?

You’ll still receive a monthly bill.  However, the amount owed will be electronically deducted from your authorized checking or savings account 25 days after the billing date.  If the 25th day falls on a weekend or banking holiday, the electronic funds transfer (EFT) will take place on the next business day. You may question your bill by contacting us at 877.867.1642. If a discrepancy is found, any adjustments will be made in the next payment cycle.

What happens if my account has insufficient funds?

If your bank refuses to honor your EFT payment, we will send you a written notification.  You must then pay your bill in full by cash or money order before the next month’s bill is received. A fee will be added to your account for each non-paid EFT transaction. If your next bill reflects a past due balance, you will be removed from AutoPay until your account is paid in full. Reinstatement is subject to approval.

What if I change my mind?

Should you decide to leave AutoPay, change bank accounts or close your bank account, you must notify us prior to the next scheduled transfer. Notification may be by calling our customer service center at 877.867.1642; written notification should be sent to: Maine Natural Gas, P.O. Box 99, Brunswick, ME  04011.

How can I sign up for AutoPay?

Please fill out the  Payment Authorization and Agreement application. If you are authorizing payment from a savings account, you’ll need the account number at a US bank or credit union and the institution’s routing number (call your bank).  For a checking account, just complete the form, attach a voided check and mail to Maine Natural Gas, P.O. Box 99, Brunswick, ME  04011. If you have questions about AutoPay, call our Customer Service Department at 877.867.1642 and one of our representatives will be glad to assist you.


No writing checks. No using stamps. No sealing envelopes.

Never worry about late payments.

Please note that any personal information provided is protected and handled with the utmost confidentiality.

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