Rates Tariff

Rates & Tariff

Maine Natural Gas Corporation (“Company”) shall furnish gas service under these service classifications and these Terms and Conditions, as approved from time to time by the Maine Public Utilities Commission (“MPUC” or the “Commission”).  This Schedule may be revised, amended, supplemented, or otherwise changed from time to time in accordance with the laws of Maine, and such changes when effective, shall be subject to the MPUC Rules and Regulations as effectively as though originally incorporated therein. A copy of the currently effective tariff is available at any business office of the Company or can be viewed here:  MNG Tariff (updated: May 2024)

Updated: June 2023


Efficiency Maine Trust Natural Gas Conservation Assessment

Per Docket No: 2020-00303 effective 12/1/2020
Rate Charges are as follows (also seen in Tariff page 180):

Residential Sales Service: $0.0058 per Therm
General Firm Sales Service (GS1): $0.0058 per Therm
Large General Firm Sales Service (GS2): $0.0058 per Therm

Non-Residential Small Firm Transportation Service (GT1): $0.0058 per Therm
Non-Residential Large Firm Transportation Service (GT2): $0.0058 per Therm
Negotiated Service: $0.0058 per Therm

More details shown on page 180 of MNG Tariff seen above.


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