Meter Upgrade Request

Meter Upgrade Request

Increasing Natural Gas Load for Your Home or Business

When contemplating an additional gas load, such as adding a range, dryer, generator, or pool heater, you must contact Maine Natural Gas before installing additional equipment, to allow a review of your service line and meter to ensure it can handle the increased natural gas load.

Upon receiving this information, Maine Natural Gas will complete a load analysis to determine if the existing meter and natural gas service line has the available capacity to handle the proposed increased gas flow. If the service and/or meter require an upgrade, the customer may be required to provide a contribution toward this work. Insufficient gas pressure to an appliance may cause it to malfunction or create unsafe conditions.

Please complete the form below and a Maine Natural Gas representative will contact you. Accurately completing the entire form will expedite your project.

Maine Natural Gas thanks you for your assistance with this process in advance. 


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