MNG Services

MNG Services

MNG Emergency Services

Maine Natural Gas maintains 24-hour emergency staffing, seven days a week.

MNG will respond immediately to reports of gas odors or possible leaks at no charge.

Call 877.532.5636 immediately if you suspect a gas leak in your area.

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Other Services

Facilities Related Services

Installation of Temporary Services:

Contact Sales Representative for more information

Reconnection or Disconnection of service:

Reconnect/Disconnect during normal business hours: $25.00

Reconnect/Disconnect outside normal business hours: Contact Us To Schedule

Relocation of Company Owned Facilties (Mains, Services, or Meters):

Contact Sales Representative e to Discuss and for a Individual Quote

Adding Load to Existing Service:

Please fill out our upgrade request form

Account Related Services

Billing & Usage History Beyond Two Years:

For all Billing and Usage Histories please call 877.226.7427

For Billing and Usage Histories Beyond Two Years there is a $29.00 charge to your bill.

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