Rates & Tariff

Maine Natural Gas Corporation (“Company”) shall furnish gas service under these service classifications and these Terms and Conditions, as approved from time to time by the Maine Public Utilities Commission (“MPUC” or the “Commission”).  This Schedule may be revised, amended, supplemented, or otherwise changed from time to time in accordance with the laws of Maine, and such changes when effective, shall be subject to the MPUC Rules and Regulations as effectively as though originally incorporated therein. A copy of the currently effective tariff is available at any business office of the Company or can be viewed here: MNG Tariff updated May 2018

Updated:  May 2018

Efficiency Maine Conservation Charge

By order of the Public Utilities Commission, your monthly bill now includes an additional $.0155 per therm in your delivery charge. This ongoing assessment funds energy conservation programs administered by the Efficiency Maine Trust.  For more information about how Efficiency Maine can help you conserve energy, please visit www.efficiencymaine.com.

Why the charge?

The assessment helps fund energy conservation programs administered by the Efficiency Maine Trust. The Maine Public Utilities authorized the assessment in support of the Omnibus Energy Bill passed by the Legislature (LD 1559 in June 2013).

How is this reflected on my bill?

The assessment is .0155 / therm, which is added directy to our rates on your bill. Most homes use about 1,100 therms / year, which is an assessment of $17.05 / year.

Will the charge go away?

No. The assessment is on each therm used going forward unless there is rule change from the Public Utilities Commission.

Is there any way I can benefit from the assessment?

Yes. The Efficiency Maine Trust has many programs available to help you conserve energy and save money over the long term. See some of the rebates available from Efficiency Maine


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