Bill Inserts

We like to keep our customers in the know. 

The inserts you receive with your monthly statement provide important information on various topics relating to natural gas. The Source newsletter and other bill inserts discuss areas of interest to MNG customers. Take a few moments to read this month's literature.

Monthly Literature

September 2019

The Source

  • Paying your bill is easy 
  • We're committed to your safety
  • Maintaining your service connection

August 2018

The Source

  • Blocked Sewer or Septic 
  • Easy & Hassle Free Options To Do Business With MNG
  • Making Your Choice for FPO

July 2018

The Source

  • Your Choice: Pricing Options
  • Patio Pointers
  • Sustainability is Good Business

June 2018

The Source

  • Sniffing Out Gas Leaks
  • Before you Excavate
  • Slow Down for Roadside Crews

May 2018

The Source

  • Signs of a Scam
  • Warnings Signs of Phishing
  • Make Billing a Breeze

April 2018

The Source

  • Know What's Below
  • Convenient Payment Options
  • Who Let the Dogs Out?

March 2018

The Source

  • Right Beneath Your Feet
  • How Can You Spot a Gas Leak?
  • Spring Forward for Safety

Nov - December 2017

MNG Report

  • Customer Portal
  • Work With Us to Avoid Disconnection
  • Heating System Carbon Monoxide Safety

December 2017

The Source



November 2017

The Source

October 2017

The Source

September 2017

The Source

August 2017

The Source

July - August 2017

MNG Report
  • Price Options for Buying Natural Gas
  • What are the FPO and IPO Price Options
  • Steps for Making Your Gas Price Choice